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CONGRATULATIONS to Rebecca for winning our  Group Instagram Giveaway!


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As a photographer, I feel it is a selfish thought that photographs in this day and age are simply captured moments. Images are everywhere we look and they are all conveying messages to us through various lenses of personal interpretation and perception.


Trust yourself, find your dream and learn how to chase it without fear. After all, you can only fail if you stop trying. 

"Well what can I say, for someone who has never been professionally in front of a camera(me) I had my nerves of course.... to my own surprise the experience was far different then I pre imagined... the time flew by I was having so much fun, laughing and feeling super comfortable. Danni was able to work with me and she was super clear with the different poses working to what I was able to do. She has a way with keeping conversation flowing that made me feel like I was just with my best friend having fun. The way these photos turned out ... I am in love"

- Demi

“My dance partner and I had an amazing experience at our dance shoot a fornight ago with this amazing soul. Danni was so professional and the results from our shoot speak volumes for her passion and skill in photography. I know we are really astounded and happy with the results of the shoot.”

- Errol 

“Danni is a great photographer. She makes you feel so comfortable. I have had the opportunity to work with Danni on multiple occaisions and have loved every time. She goes above and beyond and I couldn’t recommend her nearly enough” 


“Danni is amazing, professional and is an absolute favourite of mine. Would highly reccomend Danni anytime to any clients”

- Hayley Beardman